Dream team

Thank you Maria and Elin for the nice compliments on my new blog design *blush* you guys are too cute. However, when changing my blog layout I lost my Google Analytics, it's fun to check your statistics sometimes, cause on the google one you can see from what countries people have visited from, like "Oh!? a person from India." "OO! a person from Malaysia!" Anyway...whatever.
Tomorrow I work night shift and we're gonna be a dream team, It's ME, Therese, Elin and Jennifer. WOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOP!!! *dancing* Ah yeah, I'm actualy LOOKING FORWARD to go to work tomorrow. Yay!

Magnificent artwork.


Zatine said…
Hahahahahah!!!!!! DEN BILDEN!!!! Jag dööööör!!! Hahaha det är så VI! The dream team. haha!

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