The five stages

(I'm on my mobile internet and it took me about 10 min to load this page, but it was worth it, hehe)
Oh yes, I went thru them all, and we still dont have any internet connection in the house, I had to call Tele2 again last night just go get an update, and funny thing, there wasn't any connection problem in my area, the guy I spoke to earlier during the day that told me so gave me the wrong info. HAHA, how funny. GRR!!! damn you! just can't trust some people from any kind of customer service, they just think you're annoying as hell and just wants to get you off the line. True? yes...So the'll say something quick and that is false and then don't give a shit? Anyway, the guy I spoke to that night asked me what the guys name was that I spoke to earlier.................unfortunaly, I didn't remember, damn it, I could have rated that guy out! So, somethings wrong with the connection and the're gonna contact me as soon as possible about the situation, seems to be some kind of...problem lying at their "base" and not mine, but...we'll see what happends. I JUST WANT MY INTERNET BACK!!!!!!!!
I ended up watching TV last night, Americas got talent, and re-runs of CSI NY. I've accepted the situation somewhat. (Dont watch TV at all at home, it's amazing what internet can do to you. haha)


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