Genuine leather

Went to a flee-market today in the city with Elin, Jimmy and Jason. I enjoyed it a lot! I love flee-markets, you can always get a good deal there. For example. 14 pair of sock for a 100:- that is a GREAT DEAL! (Elin and Jimmy got that) 5 tasty sausages for 100:- (Jason got that) delicious, we got one in each flavour, deer meat, mose meat, garlic flavoured, Congac flavoured and whiskey flavoured. Mmmm, I'm gonna put that on my sandwich in the morning ;)

And I got this cute medium sized bag, genuine leather, it's so sooooft, dark brown, long strap, great pockets inside of it, for 150:- I'm a 100% satisfied. I love it. isn't it pretty!?

After that I dropped Jason off at Swedish for immigrants, and then hung out at Elin and Jimmy's place and watched "Good luck Chuck" Crazy movie, it had it's really funny parts but there was too much "fucking" and "boobies" in it. haha. Dane Cock however saved the movie, and of course Jessica Alba for being such a clumsy cutie. I also ate a bag of chips, bad bad bad Jennifer....but it was soooo gooood...Anyway, after that I cruised over to Maria and Amirs place with Jason, hung out for a little bit over there, looked at her cute little budgies, one has unfortunatly fallen sick, hope it doesn't die. It must be so hard curing a bird, "Here, cure my bird!" the're so fragile and small creatures, all feathery. I don't know...

Oh well, the day has been very nice, love hanging out with friends, it's always really nice. And hey! to day is my "name day" 10 of October - Jennifer & Jenny. Thank you very much. (I think it's a swedish thing? Jason doesn't get it.)


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