Great Remix

(bought them at ÖB.)
Today is my first day off after working 4 days in a row. Lovely, spent it with Elin. (and of course with Jason) We went to various toy stores in the city looking for the ultimate Halloween stuff, Elin's gonna be a gypsy, that's interesting. I'm excited to see everybody on Thursday, see what everybody has dressed up to be. I fitted my Pocahontas dress at my grandmothers place yesterday and it looks AWESOME!! So prettie. I ended up doing a lot of shopping for the party, candles, balloons and peanuts. etc etc.
Bought these "Sesamstangen" at ÖB and OMG, the're awesome. Great snack! I can't stop eating them, ONLY 6 kroner. It's too good to be true. Going to ÖB was horrible, they are crazy, they have to stop having such great stuff for affordable prices. I'm gonna have to put myself in a straight-jacket next time. :P
I'll end this with a great remix of one of SIA's greatest songs. So long.


Maria said…
Me too!!! Skölj ner dem med ett glas iskall julmust och du är i himlen. Puss

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