Halloween is near...

(what's up with the pose?!)
In 1 week it's halloween, and in 1 week exactly Jason turns 30 years old!!!(can't believe he's 30, old man.)
And I'm gonna throw him a big birthday party...a "suprise birthday costume party" (cause it's halloween and all.) I went to a fabric store today and bought some stuff to create an awesome Pocahontas dress, that's right I'm gonna be Pocahontas. It's gonna be great, I think the character fits me well, I got long dark hair...and...yeah, that's about it. hehe. Anyway, maybe I should buy a little fake colibri too and put on my shoulder.
Anyway, all my friends are invited and OH SO WELCOME! I hope I'll see you at my place next Thursday. ;) (eh, don't know if many of my friends read this blog, however, I'll contact you each idividualy sometime soon just to check and inform.)


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