Internet down

Our internet is down in the house so I'm on my mobile internet. Thank god that I have it, I never use it since we have wireless in the house but at occations like these, I'm happy I have it!
When not having internet available, I get this huge feeling of emptiness, and I realize how much I actualy use the internet everyday, especially when living here in Länna, YOU NEED INTERNET, there's noting else to do besides surf the net, if not take a walk somewhere, how fun is that when it's freezing outside? Maybe I'm just a little lazy *rolleyes*
Anyway, now when our internet is down, I'm on the desktop illustrating, something that I never have time to do other times, but now...when in the internet is down, I feel the sudden urge to be creative.
I'll be uploading illustrations later, hopefully, if the internet is up and running again. (according to Tele2 the're having connection problems at random areas which is being worked on as I type)


Zatine said…
Du får komma hem till mig och surfa :)

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