Jason's favorite sport...

"kick ass vid bro...we dismantled the jets, and we are if we dismantle the giants like 2006...boom...fucking look the fuck out everyone else"
-thanks man,oh yeah if we destroy the giants we will be the new patriots of 2009

Jason's been having some fun on my youtube account commenting football clips. Found this reply to one of his comments. I don't get it...haha...I don't get football, the rules and all that but it's quite fun to watch sometimes, the roughness and action. Jason LOVES "American football" He's in TWO fantasy football leagues this season with his friends back in the states, what a dork :P Well, I hope he wins both so that we can get in some extra cash! So it's Sunday and the games are on, means that I'm not getting much attention, haha, he's glued to the laptop right now watching the games live, he's so happy he found a website to watch the games on, not being able to watch them from Sweden was a big concern of his when he got here, cause it's a big hobby of his, aw he's so cute.


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