Jordin Sparks is obese

Of course she's not. But that is what one women named MeMe Roth thinks. (From National Action Against Obesity) She went on Fox news saying that Jordin shouldn't have won American Idol cause she's obese and sets a bad example for children. OMG! Some poeple are so stupid. She is not obese, not even near it at all! I know this is old news but, I just have to write about it anyway cause it's shocking how some can go out on national TV and say such a thing about this gorgeous talented girl. I think she's in Sweden right now, read on Kenza's blog that she had an interview with her. That's cool...I also want to interview Jordin, I'd have a lot of questions about body image. *rolleyes* I can image she'd have a lot of good answeres.

Anyway, time to start looking thru my wardrobe for tonights party outfit. :)


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