Life saver!

Went to the city today and had lunch with my dear friend Negin, she's such a sweetie! I've missed her so much, we haven't had the chance to hang out for a long time, we're always busy with our own lives. She's working a lot just like me, she has a boytfriend in Italy now so the're going back and forth seeing eachother, how cute isn't that, reminds me about the process me and Jason went thru, the distance...coming from two different countries and travelling back and forth.
We hung out at MAX, i had a classic chicken burger, yummie, I've gotten sick on regular meat burgers, yuck! had a rasberry! and I'm gonna grow an even bigger tummy if I don't stop eating them NOW!! (I've had one every day the last like 4-5 days.)
We went to Gränby Centrum and I mention to Negin, when talking about make-up, that I'm dying to buy Elizabeth Arden cause I'm running about and they have this deal over at "Kicks". But I can't afford it...and you know what Negin does...she lends me the money and buys the 8 hour cream for me, I LOVE HER!! she's so sweet. This is something that I really need, it's a miracle product on my dry skin!! Now I have 8 hour cream in a set of 3, the intensive one, a daily lotion AND a lip balm. (loving the lip balm for my crusty dry lips now when winter time is creeping up on us)
Thank you Negin! love you!
Me and Jason today.


Maria said…
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