Not much to say...

And ybut I HATE TELE2 right now.
Giving out all these false informations, 3 days i've been having to wait now to get things straight, and all I get is, you're internet deal is over and finished basicly, and now all of a sudden I have to wait 1 week to get to sign on a new internet deal. And you guys can't even give me a proper explaination to WHY!? Fuck that shit! I'm looking up other companies!!
I'm not gonna wait 1 week, sitting here surfing on someone elses connection pressed up against my sisters windon just to get the best signal. NO!...NO! NO! NO!

Bloody Hell, Im so tired of this shit.
Tele2, shape the fuck up! Either hire more workers if you don't have time to get the job done OR hire people with brains to get out the right frikkin' info!

Still no internet, all is boring as hell.


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