R.I.P. my laptop

Got some bad news, my laptop is dead. I don't know how and why? It just all of a sudden won't start...I'm so upset!! I'm just having a lot of bad luck lately.
We'll see what happends, maybe I'll buy a new one or send mine in for repair if it's possible. Any how, I won't be able to update and be online as often now. Cause now...I reallty DON'T have anything. No laptop and not my own internet as well. *weep* why why why me!?
Oh well, nothing to cry about, it's not like it's the end of the world, but it sucks big time!
So, I'm gonna be away for a little bit now, I'll get on whenever I get the chance to. Right now I'm at a friends place using her computer, thank god for good friends.


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