Say what what?

Haven't gotten the chance to check my mail in a couple of days and I now when checking it I've received Delivery Status Notifications from for failed sent messages, I'm like...okay? I haven't sent out any messages to any people really, so I check my "sent" box and what I've been sending out to like 20 strangers....

not to come off creepy but i saw some pictures of you and you are really cute, come and find me on windowslive messenenger add myname on it because we can talk more there and ill share some of my photos with you as well. looking forward to hearing from you soon, ttyl :)

EXCUSE ME? Oh nononono, why does this have to happen to me, how awkward and annoying, I've gotten a couple of these myself from strangers and I've been like what the fuck is this...."delete", and now I AM one of them. Well, it's not ME you're adding as paris22lips. haha, probably some chat, or some sort of live cam sexy chat of some sort. And also...TTYL? for real? makes me think of Paris hilton when I read/hear that..."ttyl" or what is it she say on her BBF show when eliminating someone...something "talk to you not later" ttynl? Anyway...time for bed, and tonight I'll get one extra hour of sleep, hell yeah! don't forget to set your clocks one hour back.


I want, 19$ from Forever21. it's fuzzy for the winter. If I go to US for the holidays, I'm gonna go on a shopping spree at Forever21, it will be like my home.


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