Todays Stupidest Question...

Gotta live on ONLY noodles I guess

Called the municipality today, with hopes of being able to apply for some sort of social grant, cause it is damn hard supporting two people on a part time sallary that ALWAYS fluxuates cause I'm hired on hours at my job.
So then I get all these questions from this rather annoyed municipality worker.
For example...
- What is the travel rate out to where you live?
And then...
- How much do you work?
I answer, at the moment part time.
Then she asks me...
- Why don't you work full time? (in a tone of voice as if I was retarded for not working full time.)
Excuse me? WHY? In a perfect world I would be working full time for sure, cause that is what I frikkin' wanna do?! In a perfect world, people that wanted to work would work! People would have a good monthly in-come. People wouldn't have to struggle (Like Me and Jason). Don't you think that If I had a full time job I wouldn't be calling you? Don't you think that if I had the oportunity to get a full time job that I would take it right away without hesitation?! OF wanna say something bad but I'm not) *deep exhale* God!

She starts calculating in her head, and lets me know that I might not be eligible to apply for support cause I sometimes earn more then 10500:- AND that paying rent to my mother doesn't count as an expence cause I' with my mother, at "home".!!

Where are all the jobs in this city? I know...tough times, but what the hell!? Why does things have to be so hard, Jason really needs to bring in some cash, and it's so hard to be tough on him cause I love him, I have to find that balance. Be strict and be hard at the same time as I'm being helping and nice? I don't know.
I need to find a way, It will come I guess, you only grow and learn new things everyday as you're getting older, and shit, I'm only 22.


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