United states?

I think I'll be moving to the states in the future.

Jason wants to move back so bad, and I love the states! I would have no problem with moving there, WHO would say no to that oportunity?
Jason's parents live in New Jersey (Hasbrouck hts) , close to New York city, just down the road the bus goes by that brings me right to Manhattan in 20 min. If we take the car, we only need to drive for 10 min and then you can admire the beautiful Skyline. We're welcome to live at jason's parents' house, Jason's mom is the sweetest! The only thing is...I must find a job when living there, and the economy is so bad right now, so it's tough...As long as Jason finds a job we're good, I can have saved up on some money before leaving so that I can live on that for a time being until I find a job. :) I've been thinking...
I've know the language, and I'm bored of living here in Sweden. I can always come back! To live in a foreign country for a couple of years would be a great experience!! I'm only 22 years old, I can take the risk.
However, I don't think that will happen NOW, but maybe within a year or two. I really want Jason to learn Swedish and work a little bit here, so that applying for a residence permit wasn't a waste of time. He might be going back home for thanksgiving and I might not be able to come. I'm so upset over that, I don't have the money. Sucks! :(

Oh well, I'll be moving there in the future that is for sure.

I life in US.
Wandering the streets of New york city....Hm...I like the thought.


Maria said…
You know what I've been saying...I think you can have a great life in NY. I think you'll end up there. Working as a designer in some way, buying pretty clothes, buying me drinks when I'm visiting your flat for a few weeks. My feeling says youre gonna be rich and happy in NY. Aaaand....Jason will probably be your desperate homewife.
Maria said…
yeahyeah HOUSEWIFE.
Zatine said…
Yeah lets be swedish housewifes in Hollywood :D

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