What a weekend...

I'm so tired right now, and I'm starting to get a bad headache, I think I'm getting a cold. *sad face*
Anyway, let me tell my weekend breifly.

-Sleept in on Saturday.
-Woke up and was forced to listen to my mom's constant yapping about money and bills.
-Got ready and went to a co-workers "Moving in"-party. lots of MAX people, lots of people, It was nice, I enjoyed it, I stayed out late, so that's a good sign, Good party.
-Woke up the next morning, a little bit hungover.
-Had some breakfast and for once wasn't forced to hear about my mom's constant complaining about how she wants me to give her more of my money in rent. Peace!
-Meet Elin in the city and went grocery shopping together, really nice, always nice to go grocery shop with a friend, she tought me how to use the "self-scanner" Thank you darlin'. :)
-We went to Elin's place and watched a J.LO movie. Bordertown, it was a good one.
-Drove home, got home, and there was mom...and Oh no, I didn't get away that easy. Again...BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA. It's hard, I understand, but I'm poor I'm sorry. I can help by being more aware of turning lights off and un-plugging things by making the electricity bill lower but I can not (I'm sorry) pay the bill?! (like you suggested)

It's this constant talk about money that is driving me crazy.
It shouldn't have to be that expensive for a person that they feel that they have to come running to their children and demand more money. There has to be some changes or I'm leaving this country....YES....cooouuuntryyy...I'll go to the states.

I should get one of these in black from IKEA, low energy lamps. Just got a mail about it, it was like a sign from god! Would it make a difference to the costs, I think so, at least for the cost that I make in this house. So, the cheaper for me the happier of course in all situations, I'll say..."I'm usung low energy lamps, It can not be that is making the electricity bill expensive."


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