Ashley Graham

Friends with Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham almost shares the same success as her friend, but I'm surprised I don't see her more, she's stunningly beautiful! She was discovered in her native Nebraska at age 12 and by age 15 she had been signed with Ford Models. Even though she was and is gorgeous, she still had to deal with prejudice; her high school peers would tell her “You’re a fat model. It doesn’t count.” She is conscious that her unique opportunity in plus size modelling probably saved her from developing quite a negative body image in her teens.
She's done jobs for ex. Liz Claiborne & Penningtons, she's also been in Vouge and in several "look books".
I found so many awesome photos of her and it sucks that I can't fit all them into here. But, god, I wish I had some pretty features like here, she's like a cross between Natalie Portman and Eva Mendes!!

Yay for Ashley!

"You can wear what the skinny girls are wearing; a simple top, simple jeans, amazing shoes, belts and jewelry. You just have to find it. And once you've found it you have to know how to wear it."


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