Watching "The Amazing Race" right now on youtube. (love youtube) I've always liked that show, travelling is one of my biggest interests so watching the show is always a thrill, IMAGINE...?! getting to do this amazing race around the world! All the new places you'll see and all the fun you'll have of course + all the struggle and stress, but that's kind of fun as well...competing, eyes on the prize. ;)

Jennifer & Maria

Best friends globetrotters

So I was thinking, If I'd ever get to be in the show/in this kind of show (obviously will never happen, unless...I go to the US. however I will not be a US citizen, which you have to be to apply I can imagine...Hhh...whatever...) I would wanna go with my Best friend Maria!! Oh my god, it would be so much fun, running around, yelling. "RUN MARIA! RUN WE'RE ALMOST ATT THE FIIIINIIIIISSSHHH!!!!! RAAAGHHH!!" red faced, sweating, wearing shorts and running sneakers and some ugly head band cause we're too exhausted to even care about what we're wearing.
Maria, are you up for it?
OR, I would go with my brother Phillip, however, I think I'd kill him before the end of the trip cause sometimes/many times... he bugs the shit out of me. We'd make GREAT TV tho! :D - Klick here to see The Amazing Race.


Maria said…
I am SOOO up for it!!!!!!!! HAhaha it would be soo great. VERY entertaining for people watching!

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