Grocery fun shopping

MLS - Månadens löne shopping.
Something me and Elin has started together, and the news is spreading among friends that we cruise around town to all the good grocery stores in town in one day and after that are all set for the month basicly. How sweet isn't that?
I love ICA MAXI, I was a COOP fool before Elin convert me to believing that ICA rocks, which I've now realized they do! As soon as you have to do your own food shopping you all of a sudden really get into the fact of price differences at various shops, etc, etc. You wanna for example go there, cause they have cheaper chicken. I also dig Willy's. They have one of my favorite snacks there that is cheap as hell and taste like heaven! Eldorado brand chips, I know Eldorado is a cheap brand that often gives out crappy tasting food, BUT, they do succeed on some items. Like the Chips, Oh heavenly lord, they have so much taste to them, the GRILL & SOURCREAM are the best! and they come in rather small packages, which is perfect cause then you can finish the whole bag by yourself, for only 9 kroner. Mouhaha, Chips is my weakness, you guys have to give me credd tho, we went to Willy's yesterday and I did not! I repeat, I did not buy chips then. I'm starting a more healthier life from now on, I'm sick of feeling heavy and down and slow and lazy, I'm gonna start eating more green!! :D

Started that promise last night by eating a salad at work.Wish me luck!


Maria said…
Love the new design!!

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