Kebab & Chips

Since it's Friday night I'm breaking me diet and I'm having some Kebab with bread and Chips n' Dip. Mmmmm, Yummy! I'm so full right, yet very satisfied. Thank you Elin for the Kebab that's lasted us for almost a month now, and thank you whoever it is that invented the snacks, Chips!
My mom says the funniest and stupidest things sometimes, I commented one of the girls outfits in tonight's Swedish Idol.
- Hmm, She's mixing zebra and leopard patters on her outfit, interesting. *sounding overly interested*
- WHAT!?
- Am I gonna have to repeat my joke? *I repeat*
- Ah, becomes Africa!


Now I'm gonna lie down and be cozy with my mom and little sister in the living-room, and then after that get ready for 4 awesome hours of work at the restaurant.


Maria said…
HAHAHA Skrattar högt. Mammorna är så förvirrade ibland:) OCh söta!

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