Love is a beautiful thing

At times like these I'm happy to know I'm not alone.
But, however, Jason will be leaving in less then 2 days for US. and that is gonna suck big time.
I wish he wouln't go, even tho I know he needs too.
I'll be all alone in this awful house for 3 weeks. :(

I've already sleept for 6 hours (fell asleep at 9pm and woke up at 3.30 am. kind of wierd) and woke up like an hour ago. Jason's sleeping right now next to me, soon the bed will be empty. Oh, he looks so funny and cute at the same time when he's sleeping, it's hard to imagine maybe but...god, I'll miss him so much!

No, think posivit Jennifer, he'll come back, and you'll work a lot, you have your friends as well. My friends, family and boyfriend means the world to me.


Zatine said…
Awww Jen... du får komma och sova nån natt hos mig om du vill :) Kanske i helgen när vi stänger tillsammans :D då kan du bo här ^^ weee!
Kristel Knows said…
aw, va sweet du är. *kramar om* det låter jätte nice.
Zatine said…
Girls weekend! :D woho! Du är välkommen om du vill ^^
Emma said…
BAH! Vad är girls weekend utan mig?

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