My Boy

(on time square)
Just got home from work, and Jay had made me noodles. Yay!
Don't I have the best boyfriend ever!?
I know that he'll always love me and care for me.
We're just meant to be.
Every "normal" relationship has their ups and downs, but at the end you know where you have each other. Jay's cozy and has a cute face, he's playful and childish, just like me.
But also smart and serious when he needs to be.
He wears white air force ones and (somewhat) baggy jeans, he likes his hair short...brooklyn fade they call it in Passaic. New Jersey. Jersey...that's where he's from...and oh my god,

is what I ask myself. I love the States, it's great.
Oh well, I got him here so I'm good.
Never thought I'd hook up with this kind of guy. *thinking*
I'm happy I did.

I know he'll give me all I need when he can. Always and Forever.


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