Petite Nicole

The 18-year-old girl from Louisville, Colorado who was born with bloody eyeball beat Laura to be the first petite model in the show's history. Nicole entered the competition as the shy and awkward red-head, but slowly evolved into a beautiful and charismatic girl!
I liked both Nicole and Laura in this cycle, I loved Laura's personality and I loved Nicole's pictures, Nicole's very natural at modeling and has already created her own signature walk and poses. What I like about Nicole as well is that she's an artist, I've seen some paintings that she's made and I admire her for that, I wish I could draw beautiful paintings like that.
I'm sad to see that Laura didn't make it, however, all in all...Nicole did a better job and is somewhat more fit as a high fashion model compared to Laura who's more of a Cover-girl, But I loved Laura! She kicked as on the run way, but her cover-girl photo shot wasn't that amazing in my opinion. Too bad, she's so adorable. oh well...

Congrats Nicole, the first petite model (first red-head?) ever, to win Americas next top model!

"Winner photo", shot my Nigel Barker.


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