Silly teen girls

...has her filipino friends over for tacos, one thing you should know or maybe already know is that filipino women are very very loud, they talk loud, they laugh out loud, they scream and shout to eachother basicly. It's quite funny...I had some of their left overs and watched the elimination of Swedish idol, and to my surprise they weren't rooting for Reza, who's from Indonesia and that reminds me a little of my own mother, funny accents sometimes and bad grammar. haha. But no, she and her friends were rooting for Eddie. They were screaming and shouting with joy after his last preformance to gather up some finale votes to make him stay in the competition. I asked her why she's not liking Reza, she said, Oh no no no, she's not good at all, Eddie is SO good, much better...he's so handsome.
....omg, did she just say she thinks Eddie's handsome?! I didn't know Eddie was my mothers type of guy.
Oh, I don't know...think it was quite funny, didn't expect that coming out of her mouth. They looked and were acting like silly teen girls sitting in the livingroom sofa.

Anyway, there's not really anyone that I like in this seasons idol, I only like a few of the preformances that has been done, like Erik when he sang "Show must go on" by Queen, I LOVE Queen!


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