Some photos of some interesting people.

The Bithday kid, Emil and Hot mama Frida, she as well is a birthday kid, she turned 30 just a few days ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOTH OF YOU!

Asian cuteness Linea, former MAX employee, and Erik...who often has a shiny forhead.

The number one love couple Anna and Erik, fell inlove at work (MAX) how cute isn't that?! and me, chillaxing.

Loving my shoes and my jacket, always feel 100% comfortable in those, and me giving Jay a peck on the cheek because I love him.

Last nights party was O.K. lots of people in a small, rented apartment. A lot of noice and music playing, they had snacks and even, to my surprise, Pasta Salad!! with Zatziki. yummi!
However, my party mood wasn't ON, I don't know why...I feelt so really bothered me, me and some of my co-workers just sat...and stared into the wall almost. And Anna agreed with me that she felt tired as well, maybe it's because we've been working like animals lately? And drinking alcohol doesn't make you feel better either, it just makes you more lazy.
Me and Jason didn't feel like hitting a club so we went home with the 12am bus. I'm happy I did, cause I later on passed out and slept for almost 12 hours. Now I have to start getting ready to go to Stockholm, yay! in my fab. ford. What should I wear? something chill that's for sure...I'm also gonna see my very best best friend Maria. I'm so excited and happy, today is gonna be a amazing day! Maria, Stockholm and Louis ck! can it get better? (win a 10 milion on the lottery would be great.)


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