Whitney Thompson

Five other full-figured models tried before her but it was the Twenty-one year old student from Atlantic Beach, Florida who became the first full-figured model to win the title of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10.
Whitney received favorable reviews on her looks and photo shoots on and off. She was often accused of being too beauty pageanty and was even once compared to Anna Nicole Smith (who's idea was it to turn her into a blonde anyway - oh yeah, Tyra's).
But, she keept on fighting for the win and got it.

There are SO many pictures of her, it's so hard to pick out just a few.

"Right before I left to do the first episode in L.A., I was with one of my best friends and she said, 'You're fat. You are not going to make it in this competition, So every week that I made it, I was like, 'Ha!' Obviously, we're not friends anymore."


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I remember reading a great interview with Whitney here:


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