This year went by fast, too fast, what have I done this year, well...Started the the year of 2009 by visiting Jason in Jersey, arrived the day before New years and got to spend New years inside a small living-room playing Monopoly and watching time-square/the big apple drop on TV. Fire works aren't allowed in Jersey, and I am so used to seeing massive fire works going off on new years so it was a little bit different not being outside and admiring the view of the sky, THIS NEW YEARS EVE I'm gonna head over to the city of Uppsala and admire the view at 12 am from the castle hill.

One greatest thing that has happened to me this year is that Jason got his residence permit for Sweden, we waited about 5 months for me to go through, he got accepted in the summer, and the rest of the year we've been able to spend more time together, living together. I NEVER thought I'd be living with a boyfriend. How serious doesn't that feel/sound, wow, I thought I'd be lonely for a little bit longer. :P
I just get older and older...Jason asked me if I was 23 years old today, like he'd forgotten my age, no, I'm 22, but soon....I'll be 23.....23.....23......23.....23....23....eh. I need to start excelling!! Do I want to continue to work at MAX? Do I want to get fit? Do I want to move to the US? I'm moving that is for sure, the 14th of January. I can't wait!
one step at a time, in the new year of 2010.

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