Another late day

Ah ma gad
I've gotten up from bed so late today, it's almost unacceptable.
The classic, "just one more minute, one more minute in bed *boom, you're out*....ZZzzzzZZzzzz."
And then you wake up 1 hour later thinking. "Bloody hell". hehe, oh maybe not but you're annoyed, cause now you have less time to chillax before work.

Having a cup of coffee going through my bills, have finally payed off a stupid loan that I took last year, and now I'm debt free, feels amazing, and now...if I should believe what Jason says, I have GOOD CREDIT. *proud*

I need to give Tele2 a call, just got the bill on the "internet" that I was waiting on for FOREVER, before, remember, I was without internet connection for like a month or ever more, they haven't given me the discount that I'm supposed to have since this household already are customers to Tele2 having them as our Telephone operators. *sigh* Tele2 sucks ass...they need to hire better staff that have some brains, seriously.
"Oh yes! you'll get this great deal with the customer-discount" "Okay, so I'll pay this price, the discount price?" "YES"
and then I get the bill and.....NO.....Gah!

That's right, nobody likes you. :P


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