At last...

I asked Elin to be my neighbor even though she doesn't play it.
yay! So I was gonna post this on my friends walls, but as stupid as I am I all of sudden click "skip" instead of "Publish" *sigh* Oh well.

Getting ready for yet another night of work, woke up one hour ago, took a shower which was heaven and now I'm sippin' on a cup of coffee, still wearing my pyjamas, gotta start getting ready soon.

Working was really fun last night, most fun is after closing, when we sit down for a short break to recover and eat something small and we often talk about lots of fun stuff and make lots of fun jokes. I for instance after everyone's story added at the end..."and then came CSI!" maybe doesn't sound that funny to you but it was so stupid it was funny (Cause they know that I'm a CSI geek at the moment watching it everyday!) at 5 am in the morning you'll laugh at anything, you'll laugh at someones face for being normal for example.
Alrighty. Bye for now.


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