(Elin with her doggie out in the snow tonight.)
Oh my god, NOOOO!!! The snow is here, it has come and ruined my life.
No just kidding.
It's not that bad, besides the fact that it's just getting colder and colder and colder now, and I frikkin' dislike it. I'm cold and I'm freezing. Time to turn up the heat in the room, so that I can cuddle up in bed and feel all warm and cozy, and be happy, CAUSE I GOT THE BEST FUCKING PAY CHECK EVER!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so happy! *dances*

Thats money honey,
Well I'm your lover and your mistress
Thats money honey
When you touch me, its so delicious
Thats money honey
Baby when you tell me the pieces
Thats money honey

Thats sexy


Zatine said…
Thats me! Pew Pew!
Kristel Knows said…
yay, that is you! :D in the the snuw with yu dug.

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