Christmas sale

-it's cold as balls outside.
Been to the mall today, or...maybe I should say, yesterday since it's Thuesday already. Time goes by fast! Thank god, cause I'm working another night shift I just want my day off work on Wednesday NOW! I'm going to Stockholm then to exchange X-mas gifts with my BFF Maria. Found some cool stuff at the mall, one "splash of colorfulness" dress and one glittery blazer, a real nice party clothing! New years? here I come?...
I also bought a nice pattern pot for my flower at Indiska. I wanna buy stuff for the aparment, but, I think it's better to wait, since she's gonna leave some stuff in the apartment for us, I'm so gratefull for that, that is just...priceless and so nice of her. I think I'll look around IKEA or Indiska or any other nice interior place later on when I really know what I need. Right now I don't. I want nice stuff *excited* Nice pillows and nice curtains and also! nice kitchen items.

Right now I'm browsing in Ehm...finding a lot of nice price worthy things. Jason tie my fingers together, or I'm gonna get broke you know what I am sayin'? nah...I'm good, another thing I wanna get now at this time of huge Christmas sale is...CSI season 8, But I bet they don't put that season on sale but...I wish....Oh....I wish....


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