Beyoncé looks fierce!

I've heard about Beyoncé and her sister starting their own clothing line, or was it something else? I'm not quite sure, anyway, last night when I was looking at Youtube clips I started to get into watching Beyoncé ones, wow, her voice is amazing, I've never been that "wowed" by her before, but this time...I was, and WOW, I have to see her preform next time she comes to Sweden. Her concerts must be kick ass!
Anyway, what I was gonna say was, found Beyoncé own youtube channel and watched videos of how they were launching their store in various countries, Dereon. I checked out the store, cool, a little bit gettolicious for my taste, but they have a few cute items. And of course, the girl has Plus size section called Curvelicious, for all the girls out there with a bootey and some more meat on their bones, hurray. Also, affordable.
I guess there is Dereon and House of Dereon, at House of Dereon they have luxurious gowns and cocktail dresses, including a dress Beyoncé herself wore to an event, i didn't even know it came from their own clothing line when I saw it first, I'm impressed, the dresses are beautiful! If she has been designing them herself with a team or if someone else has designed them, still, they look real pretty, sexy, and luxurious and I'm impressed that she's doing all this, music, movies, events, and having her own company.

Now, time to get dressed and take a short trip to the city of Uppsala.


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