Cut me some slack Santa.

Oh no...
This means, I have to be early out to the car, start heating it up and scrape the windshields in time. Grr...poor cat was out in this cold, heard him mjau-ing through the outside-door, sounded like it was from the inside but no, it was from the outside, poor cat shouted for me real loud. aw...I'm not looking forward to get out in this weather, Brr...freezing, can't it ONLY be cold and snowy on Christmas eve Santa? WHY SANTA!? please, that's all a wish, that's not really all I wish for, I want presents. *smiles* but, you know what I mean, I'm getting a cold here...come on! Brr...*shivers*


Maria said…
Har husen alltid varit röda mittemot dig??

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