Don't hate the dress...

I adore this dress, it reminds me of Philippines cause of the colorful and detailed patterns. But everyone in the house seems to dislike it. Mom wants me to pick out something else. But all the other dresses I have has no character what so ever and they are short sleeved and I don't want to wear an additional bolero to my outfit to cover up my fleshy arms. Ya knaw wha am sayin'
So Filipino dress it is.
and a pair of peep-toe pumps.
On my mothers 50th birthday party!

Woke up like 30 min. ago, I've already had time for a shower and I've gotten dress as well and written this post, just the make up and the hair fixin' left, and we have to leave in 30 min for the party.
I'm already feeling the stress.

Later on I'm gonna pick up Maria yay! BFF.
She's attending the party as well, she's like one in the family, that poopie head!
Pictures will be uploaded later on.

Happy Friday!


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