Faik Sönmez

Sieze your size!

"At Faik Sönmez, with over 59 years’ experience we are well aware that larger sizes are not a bigger version of the smaller ones and this fact is acknowledged in all our designs. “Elegance”, “simplicity”, “care for details”, in short “quality” is emphasized in our all time classical garments. This said, our designs reflect contemporary styles that will make 40+ sized women look and feel trendy.
We believe that there must be a wide spectrum of choices available for larger sizes and that larger women will be more self confident and self loving with garments that are carefully thought over and lovingly produced as compared to ordinary dresses that hide their bodies."


Wise words from the designers/creators of Faik Sönmez from Turkey. Be Inspired! ;)
Wish Sweden had more plus size lines to offer like other countries around the world, Turkey have at least two clothing lines that are all dedicated to plus size fashion, and their clothes looks good as well. I wonder, where does everyone find their clothes? what store do you go to when you you're a size 42+? there aren't many stores that have sizes bigger then that, on the top of my head, H&M have some, kappahl, and Lindex, but not all clothes are flattering or good looking. There's no store in Sweden that is ONLY plus size with nice designed clothes, we lack that here.
(let me know if I'm wrong.)


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