Happy Birthday Mother

She's gotten tons of nice gifts from her co-workers and sisters. For instance a Louis Vuitton bag from her sister in Japan, Oh I wanna go to Japan again sometime soon. She also got a Fendi wallet, as well as a GUESS bag and wallet from her sister in Chicago. (all spread out over the globe) I'm so jealous! Well...I'm not that crazy about labels anymore like I was when I was younger. But a classic looking Louis Vuitton bag never goes wrong. *thinking* Maybe I can sneak away with it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, she's 50 years old now...wow...she's very happy today, which warms my heart, cause everything is back to normal now, it's like our big fight never happened.
SO, my day off work! I woke up late as usual so it feels like the day is already over. *sigh* almost.
But I'm thinking about cleaning up my wardrobe and to do my eyebrows. Well needed!

I feel like a bush-woman.


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