How I want to show my support...

I don't want a simple plain old boring looking pink ribbon pinned to my coat. I WANT THIS ON MY KEY CHAIN! To show my support...I'd buy this one, from Torrid.
They have some hilarious collections, to me they are hilarious, cause they have an Alice in wonderland collection a New moon collection etc. I found a nice t-shirt with a huge handsome picture of Jacob on it, I thought of Elin at once, she needs a t-shirt like that, maybe I should ask Jason to go by Torrid and get one for her as an x-mas present? Shhh!! Don't read this Elin!
Anyway, Jason calls it tourettes, I'm like "I wanna go to TorrIIId." he's like "*sigh* tourettes?" I hates me going there cause last time I went there at the mall I spent an hour in their shop (and I mean, girls, that's not even that long right!?) looking and trying on various model of pants.

I miss Jason, 17 days left until he gets back to Sweden from US. *snuggles*


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