Lucky Brand Jeans Handbag, Abbey Road with Floral Embroidery Foldover Tote $199.00
Embrace the groovy colors and hippie prints on Lucky Brand Jeans' "Abbey Road" leather foldover tote.
I seriously can't browse around on Macy's web-page, I keep finding amazingly beautiful things that I want to OWN! like this foldover tote! I want a foldover tote!!! This one's genuine leather, with pretty floral embroidery. I'm totally in-love, not with the price, but with the bag! It looks so artistic and unique, I bet it's really soft and comfortable to have bouncing of your hip as you strut down the street. (?) I think it's more of a summer bag though, would go well with a denim jacket, so I'm gonna start saving up and keep adding on beautiful items to my "wish list" and maybe soon, I can get myself something of that wish list of mine.



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