Sophie Dahl

"I'd rather be treated like any other model -- being booked because a client likes the look of me, not because I'm size 16 with big tits."
Her childhood was hectic as she was shifted between a home in Los Angeles and a boarding school in England. The tumult contributed to depression and anorexia, both of which Sophie Dahl overcame. Her career as a model came as a complete surprise. It was her ambition to write or act, Sophie was spotted by Isabella Blow, a stylist with Vogue, in short time, the chance encounter led to a contract with Storm, a renowned agency in London.
Sophie Dahl did not experience a smooth start in the rigid world of fashion. Her size became an immediate issue, as the clothes she was appointed to model were not made to fit her frame. An initial shoot with Vogue featured her in an ensemble by Gianfranco Ferré that had to be pinned together in order to hold. Subsequent work was often done in the flesh, such as the 1999 Pirelli calendar and an infamous ad for Opium perfume. The campaign from Yves Saint Laurent was pulled but not before Sophie had become somewhat of a celebrity for her unconventional beauty.

Today, Sophie has gradually switched her career away from modelling to writing, as well as gotten a slimmer figure.


Maria said…
Aw I love you guys!! Och saknar er. Måste ringa idag (!!!) och prata om fredag.

Phillip måste raka sig.

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