Just a short clip...

Me and Jason at the American Museum of Natural History, from when I first visited him in US. I loved it.

"I think it's in New Jersey, New York...California, where are we? I'm American I'm not that good at geography."

Today has been a crazy day! I've worked night all weekend, including monday, and then today, I had to wake up for an early meeting at work, IT IS SO HARD TO CHANGE YOUR SLEEPING SCHEDULE after working night a few days in a row, physicly imposible? I think I slept for only 2 hours!...2 hours!
Surprisingly I feelt pretty alert, but the lack of sleep hit me later during the dinner rush, it never ended, people just kept coming in, in the drive thru as well, cars came *ding!* *ding!* *ding!* in my ear, wearing the headset. I got SO TIRED... If I'd lie down on the kitchen floor, I'd propably fall asleep, even tho the floor is nasty and covered by greas. Worked over time...had some food and of course a rassberry pie, cause it kicks ass! Drove home, putting the volume on MAX on my stereo so that I wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel. Surprisingly again, when coming home...am I still tired? No...it's 2.30 am...am I tired? not so much, it's wierd. I know for sure though that I'm gonna have a nice and deep sleep.

Can't wait to fall asleep. Mmm...


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