Setting up the table, Elin's lovely Christmas tree that brought Christmas spirit to my heart and our own little Chinese buffé lined up
Another special day that me and friends have started together. Every month, or maybe...every once a while we'll order Chinese food TAKE AWAY and eat, hang out and watch a movie at anyone's home. This time, Elin's place. We also took the time to celebrate Emma's birthday (Another co-worker) Happy Birthday, she got some really cute "Hello Kitty" stuff from us, she loves Hello kitty, who doesn't? I love it...
I got so frikkin' full! I was smart and wore my stretchy pants today for this special occasion, thank god, with a little bit of give to them. Oh man, I've been burping chicken curry all night...it's insane! Delicious...but insane.

Also, I've been talking a little bit with Jay over the phone, it sucks having to talk over the phone, cause not always there's much to say but..."I miss you" and "I love you" repeatedly. I really mean it though...but what I really want is having him with me here. However, I'm thrilled that he's in the US cause NOW he can get me some awesome Christmas gifts from various stores that we don't have here in Sweden, like for instance "Macy's" and "Forever21" oh, and "Bath and body works".yay!


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