Meeting Maria

(very old pictures of Maria, found them today, from an old picture book back in upper secondary high school when we were trying out Photography.)
Had a marvelous day in Stockholm today meeting Maria. The-best-friend-that-I-will-be-friends-with-forever-no-matter-what! Started of with eating, McDonalds (if you care to know I had the new nacho something burger, marvelous, with tons of pepper on it) Headed over to Åhléns, too crowded, started to get sweaty, sweaty like a pig. Went to Mango, and then I decided, I WANT TO BUY A JACKET! tried on a size L jacket, too tight, couldn't even close it nor move my arms, OK, tried of a size XL, thinking...this HAS to work, Nope...couldn't even close that either nor move my arms, Maria made me feel better by telling me Mango has weird sizes. So...we head over to H&M, I try on a size 42 jacket, it fits, but had a bad fit on me, made me look bigger. Found a marvelous looking Jacket in size 46, thought damn, it might be big on me, I try it on and it fits like a glove. WTF!? am I a size XXL? and a size 42-46?! NO! I a size L or XL and a size 42/44. Wtf...stupid stores can't manage to have the same/correct sizes. Sweating like a pig, looking for good sales items, and not getting into the clothes, I am an elephant?

Anyway, made some marvelous deals, I'm very satisfied, now time for a movie and some cuddling.


Maria said…
Åh jag minns den fotosessionen som om det var igår!! Jag har bilderna på dig också:)

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