Merry Christmas

Got home from work just a few minutes ago, not so nice to work night shift on the day before Christmas eve, but whatever. Everything went well, not many people out on the day before anyway so. At last, at home...and I'm off work like most people on the wonderful day of Christmas.
I'm gonna enjoy every minute of tomorrow.
Even tho the family is a tad bit separated.
And what more?! Jason comes on Christmas day, my love, I've missed him so much, I think being 3 weeks without each other has been a good thing, cause now we've really had the time to really miss each other, and to realize just how much he means to me. I means everything to me, he's been getting me gifts at the mall in Jersey, and I can't wait to see what he's gotten me, he's so cute! I just wanna hug him real tight. And his mom has picked up stuff for me at Bath and body works!! YAAAY!!! I feel so lucky and happy, I feel all mushy and warm inside.



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