Mia Tyler

"Beauty comes in all different packages. If you're a size 12, then your not any less beautiful than a size 4."
Plus size model, actress, producer, author, advocate and public speaker, Mia Tyler is probably best known as rocker Steven Tyler's daughter or the Lord of the Rings elfin princess Liv Tyler's sister. But Mia is creating an image and personality all her own.
In the past Mia has been represented by the Wilhelmina modeling agency. She has appeared in such elite magazines as Seventeen, Teen Magazine, Teen People, Mode, Us, Jump, YM, Moxie Girl, Vogue and on the cover of Flare. She has also appeared on the runways of New York and Paris.

"I have always been pudgy. It has never bothered me, I have always felt pretty, happy and loved."
In 2008 Mia wrote her autobigraphy entitled Creating Myself, would be interesting to read that one, since she's had a rocky life. She's also started her very own clothing line with a friend, that's cool, the clothes are not really my style but it's nice to see another line with plus sizes. Actually to my surprise I found tons of great pictures of her, too bad I can't fit them all here on my blog but hope you enjoy these ones...an awesome plus size model with attitude, Mia Tyler.


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