My own lucky brand

<-----This is the wallet that I originally wanted, but it was sold out, but my baby boo found this one under a pile of clothes at Macy's when he visited the states. Isn't it lovely? My Christmas present, love it.
Colorful and hippie like. It's small...very small...I'm used to big, fat wallets, is time for me to cut down in size. I carry around too many cards etc. membership cards at different shops that I hardly ever use. So I've put those useless cards in a tiny, sort of a card holder and only put the important ones in my own lucky brand wallet. (FYI cost 70 USD!!!!!!! for that little tiny ass wallet.) But it's cute, and it has a zipper which is a big plus cause before my wallets always popped open and flashed all my private-ness. Also...on the inside of the wallets it's written
"Trust your judgment, luck is with you"
tried to take a good picture of it but it failed. Nice words they've put down in it, lovely. Hope this wallet brings me luck, MAKE ME RICH! :P *makes a wish*

Time for bed, gotta wake up early tomorrow (1 pm, early for me) and do some shopping with some dear friends.
Night night.


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