New Oleans Saints

Drew Brees...god?
Just got home from work, well, more like one hour ago, had my first "K" night, you could say that I was the shift leader, even tho I really don't wanna see myself as a "leader". Eh, it's complicated, how I see it, I work with friends and it feels weird to BE the leader all of a sudden, over them...we're on the same level you know what I mean? Oh well, I hope it went well and that I don't have to hear a lot of complaints tomorrow. It felt OK. Jason's watching American Football, his favorite team the New Orleans Saints are playing against some team, it's a big game he tells me, and he's going nuts watching it, singing, commenting, shouting, telling me to look at things, look at this throw, look at that Jennifer!! that interested at all. :P
He's like LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Keep looking, BOOM!! Touch down!
Drew Brees is like his god, he loves him, he can talk about him for minutes, it's almost a little weird, like...should I be worried? :P


Emma said…
Jag tycker du är jättebra som passchef! =D

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