Bought it yesterday at Indiska, 129:-.
A friend got it first, she showed me it, and I was sold. I have so many earrings that I have put away in a jewelry-box, just hiding, cause I have no place to show them, I have another "Jewelry-tree" bought at IKEA, but on that thing you can't hook your earrings on or put up your tiny stud earrings, on this "hand" from Indiska you can. woho! It's pretty too and for a good cause.
So Sunday, already, only 5 days left until Jason gets back home to ME. I miss him, I need my Boyfriend, someone to lean on, someone to talk to when i get home, someone to fool around with, someone to hug, I miss feeling his warmth next to me. When he gets back, we're gonna start making changes, first of all, moving! I can not wait to move to the City, it's gonna be a great experience. I also bought a pretty big canvas painting yesterday, with a image of Time Square, so we'll have a little bit of NYC with us in our home. ;)

Now, time to get dressed and ready for work, boo for work, off tomorrow though thank god!
Hope you've had a good weekend.


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