Standing strong

I've been fortunate enough to get the chance to rent one of my co-worker's apartment.
It's a decent size 1 room apartment (studio) well planned interior designed. I like it...
It's just enough for us, and I can afford it. How great isn't that?! To be able to live on your own for a little while...have your own space...own peace. The apartments has it's cons and pros, but there's more pros, and that is a good sign. I think I and Jason really need to take a break from living at home, we need our space so that we can grow as individuals and as a couple.
I am really excited, but at the same time scared, but I'm gonna be determined and strong and go through with this and just DO IT! move...I want to go, and when the rental period is over I'll just move somewhere else, just hope I have somewhere to live then, but I'm pretty confident that things will work out fine,

as long as there's a will there's a power.

So tonight I'm gonna kick back and relax on my day off and celebrate with some wine and CSI.


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