Just woke up and I feel tired as hell.
I have to work, I have two jobs, I'm gonna go work at my extra job right now, set a bunch of labels. Wish me luck, I have to get them all done today, and I don't even know how many I have to do.

Yesterday was a kick ass day. Went Christmas shopping a little bit with Therese, her friend Susanna, and as well as Maria from work. Me: a little bit, Therese: A LOT! she bought some really nice stuff...for example...she of course I'm not gonna tell! I've got presents ready for my BFF Maria (another, I hope she'll like it...I do, I bought some really cute and fun stuff. *rolleyes* can't wait to give it to her.

as well as browsing around the city for x-mas presents, I found some things that I wish for myself. I'm gonna make a real nice wish list later on. Oh lordy, I found CSI season 7 for only 229:- I'm hyper! Someone needs to get that for me as a present!



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