Tell me...

How is this not a tad bit hurtful?
a comment like...
"Jennifer, Don't eat up all the Christmas food."

1. It's personal, finger pointing at me, like I'm the bad guy.
2. Saying I'm eating all the food. (?!)
on the contrary, I have barely touched the food, only this morning, and there's still some left.
So THINK before you open your mouth. I am not in the mood for people throwing shitty and unnecessary comments like that to me. Like I'm some kind of fatty? So I get upset/annoyed and talk back, and then that person has to yell and tell me that I'm stupid for being sensitive. My own family can't even accept how I feel, I just got smacked. I can't wait to get out of this house.

"Nice Jennifer has gone to bed" like you repeatedly told me to do when I got an attitude to make me even feel worse, like I'm the stupidest person on earth, and also, trying to make me feel even more bad about the situation by sarcastically saying "oh it's all about you, sorry, I have to treat you special, cause it's all about you.
Don't ask me for anything anymore.

I may be tired, but fuck!! Come on...have you forgotten how to use your brain?


Zatine said…
Jag satt också och kollade på Ellos men jag ska spara pengar till Ullared istället :D

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