That's more like it :D

Finally, Christmas SPIRIT is flowing through my body!
damn! Beyoncé is beautiful!

Right when I got home from work i started wrapping some of my "left over" Christmas gifts with the new wrapping paper I bought the other day, that's more like it!!! hide the black stuff and out with the MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, HO HO - wrapping paper.
Playing Josh Groban, amazing singer, I know you may think his music is...cheesy, but he's amazing, best voice, best music, end of story. I can CRY to his songs, cause they are so good, His songs can fill me up with love, seriously. Here's a song called Believe, it's from the movie "The Polar express" another great movie, it really gives you the right Christmas feeling.
Spoke to J on the phone as well, he said that I sounded happy, he's like "what's happened?" other days I might be more or less grumpy and tired when we talk, cause talking on the phone sucks donkey balls, I miss my baby.
Fuck, we're not spending Christmas eve together, well, we have at least Christmas day, and then I work night shift, hurray.

Oh well, I'm happy, i got love.


Maria said…
Guud hon är ju grym live!!!

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